Hello Arthur: 12th June, 2010

1. april 2015 at 23:40 | Akai |  Dílovky
Tak, je to tady. První díl. Vlastně dopis. To je fuk...
Just try not to die while reading it. I mean, who's gonna clean all the mess you leave behind, right?
Nah, now seriously. Well, don't actually take it seriously. Just try to enjoy it.

Název/Name: Hello Arthur
Dopis/Letter: 1.
Počet dopisů/Future number of letters: No idea
Délka/Lenght: Super short
Žánr/Genre: Don't ask me stupid questions, I'm just the writer, how could I know what genre this is? Ok, a little more seriously now - it's gonna turn fantasy/horror in the future but now it's just that small, hairy something with an awful lot of teeth
Varování/Warning: As said above. Though it should not bite. It didn't the last time I checked. Oh, and it's in English... but I guess you've already noticed that.

12th June, 2010

Hello Arthur,


Who would think starting a diary is such a difficult thing?

Well, I guess writing it means giving part of you away, sharing it and that's never an easy thing to do. But then, you've always told me to try doing so, haven't you. So, here you have it. I'm doing it. And I hope you're watching.

I feel a little bit like going nuts here. I mean, you know - I can hear you laugh there, I can't help myself, I just love to say that - people do all the mad things but I haven't yet heard of anyone writing a diary addressed to their best friend, who happens to be dead. Maybe someone has, I cannot be the first one to have such an idea.

This isn't much of a diary yet, is it? I should do something about that. OK, fine, I'm getting to it, don't be impatient.

So, nothing particularly interesting has happened today. In fact, nothing particularly interesting has happened ever since your departure. But I'm holding up, you know. I mean - there we go again... Oh, I will never forget the way you laughed, ever - I've got my share of staring at the wall but that was just a week or so and then I've been only a little bit quieter than usual I guess. Not that I don't mourn anymore, I still miss you as hell, you sneaky little bastard, but I have to live too. I know you'd understand it. Hell, you know how everyone's a smartass and keeps telling you how your loved ones would want you to have a life of your own. It is extremely annoying, by the way. Though I bet you'd feel offended hadn't I had my staring days but eventually you might allow me to move on. Which I guess is kind of the reason why I started this whole thing. I have to let go of you but I don't want to lose you, if you get what I mean. Ah, what am I talking about, you always get what I mean.

So here we are, my friend. The first page of a great adventure to be. And we're gonna have a lot of fun together. And don't you dare ignore me, I can imagine it must be fun in the afterlife too but don't forget about those you've left behind. Don't forget about me.

I think this is it, for the first day. I'll let you know if anything of interest happens here. Wish you could answer. Well, half hoping you would. Never gonna happen, I know.

See you 'round, Artie,


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1 Yaraki Yaraki | Web | 2. april 2015 at 0:03 | React

I cri evritiem... Only thing that saves me is the fact this is gonna be SO AWESOME! So thank you, lil sis, this is great and makes me long for my home and this activity even more... just great :3

2 Akai Akai | Web | 2. april 2015 at 0:08 | React

Now you make me cry :) thank you so, so, so much for your support and I hope I won't disappoint you
It is actually quite strange experience, writing this. It feels so personal and I'm already falling in love with both of my character and that's weird...

3 Yaraki Yaraki | Web | 2. april 2015 at 0:12 | React

[2]: you selfish bastard :D and don't you even dare to forget I'M THE BEST CHARACTER on this show so far :D

4 Akai Akai | Web | 2. april 2015 at 0:19 | React

[3]: don't you worry :) I'm really looking forward to introducing you, I just need to choose the right time to do it, you know? Although I'm afraid you won't be, you know, something like a positive character at the beginning...

5 Yaraki Yaraki | Web | 2. april 2015 at 0:26 | React

[4]: that's even better! I wanna be badass :3

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