Hello Arthur III: 16th July, 2010

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Název/Name: Hello Arthur
Dopis/Letter: 3.
Počet dopisů/Future number of letters: No idea so far but I think it's fair to asume approximatelly 10 letters a year, which would bring it up to 50+ (and that's hell of a lot, so I believe it might be a lot less)
Délka/Lenght: Over A4
Žánr/Genre: Getting there, so far it's still unidentified
Varování/Warning: Contains mild signs of a plot and it might actually start biting so watch your fingers.

16th July, 2010

Hello Arthur,

I've just come back from Scotland. I have to say it was quite a trip, we were at the Hadrian's wall and there was this beautiful weather, sun was just going down, the sky was ornage and it was a little windy and everything you saw had a really strange shade of colours that I can't really describe but looked incredible and it was simply wonderful. It was one of those moments you'd remember for your whole life.

We spent some time with my grandparents of course, which was quite nice too. Until mum told grandma about these letters. I don't know why it's such a big deal for them. Unsurprisingly, that was followed by a long educational talk with my grandmother. She took me aside and gave me a lecture about how souls need to leave this world and bad stuff could happen if they were somehow kept here. She reminded me of all the ghost stories she used to tell me when I was younger, I'm sure I've mentioned them to you - all those tales of angry spirits and such (not exactly classic tales, mum always scolded her for telling me these, said there was no reason to frighten me but I have to admit I always quite enjoyed them) and she told me how all these poor souls were unable to let go and turned deadly after time. And it was an interesting talk and everything and I feel that she is right but I'm just not into this whole spiritual thing like she is and I can't take it all that seriously. I mena, if you were here, you'd let me know, right? And I would stop writing these. I would. I don't want to keep you here if you were to turn evil or something like that. Damn, this is depressing. Let's talk of something more cheerful.

Or not yet. There's something else I really want/need to tell you. It happened the last night we were there. Actually, I'm not really sure it did happen because it just feels too strange. It was late evening and I went to bed quite soon but couldn't fall asleep and I overheard my mum and grandparents arguing in the kitchen. And it seemed like they were talking about me but it just doesn't make any sense.

So, from what I've heard grandma was trying to convince mum to tell me 'the truth'. That scared me a bit because, you know, who wants to hear there's some secret being kept from them and this sounded really serious. But then it got weird. Mum said I don't have to know it to live, that all the people live normal and happy lives not knowing 'the truth'. And then it got even weirder, when grandma told her that 'You're just afraid she'll go hunting them. And you don't want her to, so you won't even give her a choice and you'll rather keep it from her.' Then mum raised her voice quite and grandfather tried to calm her down and I couldn't understand exactly what they were saying. I think I've heard them mention Chloe, that weird (second) cousin of mine who used to come to our place every year or two. Do you remember her? She was always so distant and trying to look so cool as if the rest of the world wasn't worth her.

I'm just so confused now. I must have dreamt about it but then it all feels so real, the memory and everything, and yet not real at all. And I'm stupid and didn't get myself to ask them in the morning and I can't persuade myself to ask my mum now and I know that the longer I'll wait, the harder it will be but I'm not sure I want to know. I'll just try to forget about it but as much as I know myself, it will haunt me at least to the end of the summer. Damn this whole thing. It was just a dream!

Now I really should start talking about something normal and nice.

Oh, my mum booked the flight tickets to the Czech Republic for the beginning of August so we seem to be going. And I'm so excited about it, everyone's told me how beautiful Prague is and I can't wait to actually see it. We also found out where great-grandfather had been born - I can't remember the name of the town just now but we'll be going there too. I'll let you know all about it when we're back.

That's it then. I hope the next letter is jollier than this one. Fingers crossed.



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1 Yaraki Yaraki | Web | 11. april 2015 at 23:19 | React

"I've heard them mention Chloe, that weird (second) cousin of mine who used to come to our place every year or two. Do you remember her? She was always so distant and trying to look so cool as if the rest of the world wasn't worth her."

Yep yep, dear children, your mommy was young and totally "trying to look so cool" :D

It is just getting better and better and better - so fast that I almost hate you for such progress. You are great and I can't wait till my total super-cool appearance :3

2 Akai Akai | Web | 11. april 2015 at 23:29 | React

[1]: i hope I described you correctly - of course affected by aimee's view at that time ;)
And thank you so much again, I'm so glad you like it :D
I also hope that I write it in a way that fits the story - if you find anything unfitted, unclear or something like that, let me know so that I can fix it :) though noose else reads it anyway :)

3 Yaraki Yaraki | Web | 11. april 2015 at 23:48 | React

[2]: like I told you before - I love it in all aspect and it's just as great as you are. Like really - just don't make me wait so long again, I'm just too excited - especially cause Chloe is a great mothafucka and I 'd love to read more bout her :D

4 Petersson Petersson | 12. april 2015 at 19:29 | React

Well well, with the third letter it all got more sense to me :) Actually i must admit that letters or diary like this is kinda creepy to me :D But i have to say, you have really great style and even in english it's fun to read it. Same words as for Yaraki - keep writing and don't you dare to stop! :D ;)

5 Akai Akai | Web | 12. april 2015 at 19:47 | React

[4]: Thank you very much :) well, I couldn't really stop when I got myself another reader :) (and because Yaraki would kill me if I did :D)
I'm glad that it starts to make sense, it's always difficult to put all the ideas into the story especially when it's in a form of a letter/diary as there's always much more in a backstory... But I'll try to bring up new information and more plot once I get further so I hope it starts making more and more sense :)
And it is definitely creepy, hell, I'm getting scared myself :D

6 Petersson Petersson | 12. april 2015 at 20:09 | React

I'm really looking forward to it :) I'm also writting some stuff since September, you can ask Yaraki about it if you will want to, but i don't know if it's your cup of tea :D (sci-fi, post-apo, war and shit like this) ....but if i compare it with you and Yaraki, it's a piece shit :D

7 Akai Akai | Web | 12. april 2015 at 20:14 | React

[6]: I'll definitely ask her, that might be exactly my cup of tea :) and I'm sure it's awesome ;)

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