Hello Arthur IV: 18th August 2010

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Hello again! As today is the Day of Chuck Shurley when writing isn't that hard, I've managed to write another letter at last. It's basically without plot again, so sorry about that.

Název/Name: Hello Arthur
Dopis/Letter: 4.
Počet dopisů/Future number of letters: No idea so far but I think it's fair to asume approximatelly 10 letters a year, which would bring it up to 50+ (and that's hell of a lot, so I believe it might be a lot less)
Délka/Lenght: 2xA4
Žánr/Genre: Getting there, so far it's still unidentified
Varování/Warning: Lost any signs of plot it may have shown in the last letter. *sigh* Writing is actually still hard.

18th August, 2010

Hello Arthur!

I know, I know, it's been a long time since my last latter, again. I just don't want to bother you with all the petty little things, I mean, it would totally get you so bored, if you had to listen to what I had for dinner every single day, right?

Of course, you could object why I didn't write sooner when there had been quite plenty going on but that's the point. When there was finally something going on, I didn't really have time for writing and with how my mum feels about me doing this, I didn't want to... well, get caught. I know. Or I don't. I feel like I understand less and less of what's going on.

But I have promised you a jollier letter this time and I intend to keep my promise. Let's see how that works.
Before we left for Prague, my cousin Chloe and her parents that I had mentioned in my last letter had come to visit us. They're really strange folks, I have to say. Mum wasn't really happy at first because they called that they were coming a day prior to their arrival but it all sort of settled down when they came.

Well, Chloe hasn't changed much. She still pretends to be this cool kid but I guess I don't blame her that much. I've heard her family is moving around a lot and it must be hard not to have a place to call home for no more than a couple of months. I wonder why they do that. I tried talking to her a little but she always looked at me as if I was a complete idiot and basically reminded me why I despised her so much.

And I'm not being positive enough again. Damn it. But I'm getting to it.
They've only spent three days with us, so it was quite alright and then, finally, we flew to the Czech Republic. It was really exciting and Prague is as beautiful as everyone's claimed, we went to the Prague Castle where the president resides and there was this massive cathedral that looked absolutely stunning (though I think I still prefer the Minster here in York) and then we went down the stairs as the castle is actually on a hill above Prague where there you get this incredible view of the whole city and all of its towers (no wonder they call it a city of hundred towers), so we went down these stairs through all these narrow streets and it all looked really great.

We visited all the famous places such as the Oldtown's Square, where there were a lot of other tourists so I didn't enjoy it that much and we crossed the Charles' bridge which was quite cool too and we went to the Wenceslas' Square and to the National Museum and then to a street where the so called Velvet revolution had begun (that took place in 1989 and meant the end of the communist era and is called 'velvet' because nobody was killed during the change of the regime - I'm a history nerd, I know).

We also visited a castle 'Karlstein' near Prague, which was quite lovely too. There were these funny 'holes' above each door because the king who had this castle built was too tall to fit in a classic-sized door from that period - why do I always remember such stupid details? Nevermind.

We saw some other castles and towns but the last thing I want to mention is the town where our great-grandfather had been born, it's called Telc and is also really beautiful with a chateau and everything. It was just a wonderful trip.

There is one strange thing I simply need to tell you about. I know I wanted this letter to be more positive but I can't help myself. It's probably nothing or just a coincidence or my imagination but when the O'Gallaghers visited us, I overheard a conversation they had with my mum. We could really use thicker walls so that I don't have to freak out from every damn word I think I overhear.

Anyway, besides the fact that they spend so little time in the house every time they come over and when I think of it, I have no idea what exactly they do for living (and it feels too late to ask after all those years they've been visiting us, you know) and those are just some of the oddities of that family that I notice, I actually think they were talking about the same thing my mum discussed with gran. And that is creepy. I know that it's just a feeling, I haven't heard much and I'm probably wrong but it makes me so uneasy.

I don't know what to think, it seems like they all know something that I don't. And I just... I don't know, if I want to know it or not... And I'm so upset that I have to think of it again!

The school is going to start again soon - I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad one, because I don't really want to go there when it's all gonna be like homeworks and tests again but it will keep me busy. So I won't have to think of that so much. And of you. Hopefully they will all stop looking at me with their 'pity' face on and I will actually be able not to think of you too much. But then again, you not being there will probably make me think of you anyway. Life is complicated, mate.

But let's cheer up and bite through all the troubles it has in store for us, shall we?
It was nice to talk to you again,


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1 babirusa babirusa | Web | 30. april 2015 at 22:54 | React

I'm just speechless - that's so weird to read about yourself in someone's story (and to be the weirdo) and also the way how you always make each chapter so... personal... it's just... ah! I wanna be Arthur :D

2 Akai Akai | Web | 30. april 2015 at 23:45 | React

[1]: hey, I think you really don't want to be him :D but thank you so much :)
Btw the admission tests were actually quite funny and although I sort of invented half the answers, I think I didn't do that badly so I'll just have to wait and see... Not that I believe I might actually go there, you know, but still :)

3 babirusa babirusa | Web | 30. april 2015 at 23:58 | React

[2]: man - now be honest and tell me - who told you so? Who was that? Your great supreme sister of course :P and of course I'm so happy for you :3
btw have you read the poem? It's just gorgeous :D

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