O'Gallagher's Daughter, II - Crying and stuff

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Normálně, věc je to nepochopitelná, stále ještě věřím, že jednoho dne lidi pochopí, jakým nádherným, užitečným a nezbytným jazykem angličtina je a směle se vrhnou do jejího nadšeného studia.

Do té doby doufejme dokončím tenhle výpotek, jež budu posléze vydávat za studijní materiál megavalné hodnoty, kvality a krutoprdelnosti obecně spolu s pohoněním "já vám to říkala".

Už aby to celé bylo vám řeknu.

Název: O'Gallagher's daugter, II - Crying and Stuff

Žánr: víceméně výkec/nadpřirozeno/fanfiction (SPN)
Délka: cca 2,5 stránky
Jazyk: Angličtina
Beta: nopity nope. Betaread is for pussies (and for stories worth one), !but! there is some slight possibility I'll make my lil' sis do the beta later *fingercrossed*

It was absolutely impossible to count the huge amount of time young O'Gallagher spent in detention. She could almost write a book 'bout pre-trial cells in Britain and Ireland.
"Miss Gallagher?"
"It's O'Gallagher," she retorted.
"Yeah, so?" The cop seemed not amused and quite tired of all those delinquents under arrest refusing to cooperate. "This is your fifth detention in three months, miss O'Gallagher."
"Yeah, so?" she returned.
"That means you'll go to the reform school…," he answered with a slight smile on his face.
"Pff! No, I won't. My dad will explain this to you. Actually, you can almost let me out, cause this is all nonsense. If I wanted to…"
At that exact moment another officer appeared at the door and whispered something to the first one. Both casted condolatory eyes at the handcuffed girl and then the first cop said in a quiet voice: "Miss O'Gallagher, we have to transfer you to a young offenders institution now. I'm very sorry."
"Sorry 'bout what? I didn't do anything wrong! I did not hurt anybody. I just trained!"
The other cop seemed confused so the first one answered, his voice still somehow gentle: "they found her disemboweling some wild dog. But it's secondary now…"
"It was no dog!" she fought for herself: "and I was killing it, no gutting. Pff! Gross! Just tell me what's happening!"
"We are very sorry, Miss, but it seems like your parents were attacked by some sort of animal."

Chloe stood with her mouth open. Af course she was used to her parents being in danger all the time, but why would cops come to tell her?
"What?" she gasped.
"Your parents are in hospital and our files say there is no other relative of yours so you'll have wait till the Youth Court won't determine, where…" But Chloe wasn't listening, Her mind was filled with only one thought. Her parents? In hospital? Yeah, something was crawling around them, hiding in shadows since Chloe could even remember. But being found by cops? That was never an option. Mainly because although those "things" fought her family all the freaking time, they never ever made a mess which would require cops and doctors.
"I… I need to see them. Now!"
"I'm afraid we can't help you. There are rules."
"Fuck your rules! And fuck you! I'm not gonna sit here like some kind of cripple!" she was almost screaming, although she basically doesn't know why. She was not scared, not afraid for her family. That was probably the most horrific thing about all the situation. She couldn't even imagine they got hurt.

Chloe's objections didn't help much. The cops took her, although she fought as without senses, and transported her in the back of a van up to the institution, which was supposed to become her new home. At least for a while. But even that while was too long for Chloe.
Once they took of her handcuffs and she went through all the sad-faced idiots inhabiting the institution, Chloe broke the rung-back of her flea-bitten bed to get something at least resembling a weapon, cracked the window and ran towards darkness. She would lie if she said she wasn't skilled in this rank. Hell… she always found way out of those uniform, grey walls.

And than she ran. Ran like never ever before. Her throat was sore, legs exhausted, muscles shattering. But Fear? No. There was no fear. Just some weird-ass expectancy. Chloe had thousand of questions. Actually, somewhere deep in her mind there was a thought - what if her parents just faked this situation to get her back? But how could they even know she was determined to run away? This time for real. She wanted freedom, so she chose it over a family. No little sister, no house - just her bow and knife, that's what she wanted.

Once Chloe entered local Hospital, she was certain of one thing - the cops are gonna find her there. But she couldn't care less - running from any jail they would put her in, was always a certain option. But what felt impossible was leaving without discovering the truth.
Seen from perspective It would be better if O'Gallagher's daughter, the green eyed warrior, who never ever gave shit about anything, would just leave that night without knowing. Above all because she was not able to take her responsibility - was never prepared and even less willing to live like a normal human. Or see her parents as "civilians".
Chloe O'Gallagher loved her dream world full of monsters, where everything was allowed and nobody was able to stop her. And nobody who she cared of got hurt.
And basically that was the reason she hated her unborn sister, because she was like a proof people can change, can leave the supernatural world and start making money, building houses and settling down. And becoming mortal.

O'Gallagher's daughter never cried during the last fifteen years. Cause cry was for weak. Chloe was everything else but weak. But that day, watching her father in comatose, tied to a hospital bed with all those bloody marks, scars and bondages everywhere, knowing the human doctors were unable to save her mom and the unborn and won't probably be capable of saving her dad as well, Chloe cried like a little bitch.

And these were most likely her last sincere tears from that moment on.

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