O'Gallagher's Daughter III - Fire Watchers

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Akai, ty víš, co se chystám říct, viď. A ty Švéde jakbysmet. Chraň vás ruka Páně, jestli se to bude opakovat. Tady máte další Gallagherku. A já čekám...

Název: O'Gallagher's Daughter III - Fire Watchers

Žánr: víceméně výkec/nadpřirozeno/fanfiction (SPN)
Délka: cca dvě stránky
Jazyk: Angličtina
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She called them "Fire Watchers".
It was hard to differ them from ordinary homeless, but not for her. Not because they would have had some marks or something. They smelled bad, behaved even worse and often lived on the edge of society - as ordinary homeless, but these particular ones stayed nearly out of the homeless community itself - which Chloe considered super humorous - cause that basically meant Fire Watchers inhabited the edge of the edge of human civilization.
The explanation for this fact was quite simple. They have seen things. And by things I don't mean robbery, or ordinary murder - more like their own family soaked in cold blood and some rugaru chewing their sweet pink flesh. This kind of shit.

Fire Watchers have seen things, which turned them into edge-living homeless, staring into the barrel flames all the time. Nobody was able to make them speak to cops, to charity workers, basically to anybody even if it would be another homeless. Only possibility how to untie their tongue was to convince them you are also a Fire Watcher. And that was never hard for a skilled little weasel as Chloe.
But it wasn't just eloquence, but also her appearance in general, what made infiltration so damn easy. She just turned 18 but without a guide who would teach her how to make credit card frauds or such bigger kind of "getting money", she wore the same tattered clothes, sometimes just tied her long blond hair in a ponytail up her head and left them like that for a week, and never cared much about filthy smudges nor bruises.
She looked wasted all the time, mainly because she truly was. Wasted and on the run.
Chloe wasn't that sure what is she running from, or if there is somewhere any target or goal she's heading to. But one thing was sure - she was not able to turn back and face what she ran away from. Her family. Or actually at least from the only living member who left - her dad Shaun. Even the fact he's alive was significantly doubtful - last time Chloe saw him, he was confined to a hospital bed, unable to breathe without a respirator. Dead, he's dead! She kept repeating again and again.

Young huntress knew she should have stayed at his bunk - crying, reading books, praying till the end… but that just wouldn't be her. Chloe somehow felt responsible now, like all the weight of her father's mission now rested on his daughter's back. And the mission definitely wasn't charity, it was saving people from monsters.
What was even way more truthful, but Chloe would never admit it even to herself, was that she hunted for the thrill of killing, not to save anybody. And if her dad would possibly survive, he would call her a monster too. Because somewhere deep inside both of the last O'Gallaghers knew, Chloe definitely behave almost like possessed.

How days passed, she was loosing the path even faster than before and looking at all those devastated people in homeless communities in bigger cities doesn't help much. Chloe didn't spend time with those filthy mugs just for her soft heart, no, homeless were just an easy target for many monsters, because there was nobody around who would search for them once they got lost. That was it. Homeless were a prey for Chloe's prey. Every good hunter knows this.
And on the other hand she also felt lost somehow and the Fire Watchers never wanted any explanations for why she feels like that, or why she never went to university nor where is her family. Nobody cared and she loved that.
Once she found a way how to persuade the Watchers to look at her as a one of them - not a threat - she was able to get dozen of informations about murders and strange deaths in 50 kilometers range. And that was the time her hunt could begin. That was the moment she felt free again and her mind was opened and clean without any misgivings or memories of anybody. She felt pure, because killing monsters was easy. Not like they didn't fought back, but she never felt guilty at all.
Why should she? They were parasites of her kind. Which doesn't meant Chloe would love humanity somehow, but still - werewolf or a vampire is a bigger danger and there's a lot more blood on his clawed hands. And all the adrenaline! Oh God!

Chloe O'Gallagher simply loved the hunt - she always felt so useful, proud, heroic and immaculate.

And once she came back to the community, with a red link of blood under her unkempt nails, she stood in front of some barrel with fire, preferably far from the center of charity cars with fresh soup, and gazed into the flames.

Because she was what she called a true Fire Watcher. But she didn't stare into the blaze in amazement because she felt a longing to drown bad memories in it. Chloe O'Gallagher watched the fire because she have seen things. And the pure red and yellow dance reminded her of all those thing, all the blood she spilled. And she loved that feeling.

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1 Akai Akai | Web | 21. april 2015 at 10:00 | React

She is creepy :D and quite cool but still :) hey, important question - when is this happening? I think I'll have time to write today and I need to have a timeline ;)

2 babirusa babirusa | Web | 21. april 2015 at 15:56 | React

[1]: Hey... Dunno... she 23 in 2015... which means this is year 2010
btw Skype sis?

3 Akai Akai | Web | 21. april 2015 at 16:22 | React

[2]: will meet you there ;)

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