O'Gallagher's daugter I - Dreams and Stuff

13. april 2015 at 19:25 | Yaraki |  Dílovky
So I gave a promise. Again. Dunno why I do that. Again and again, losing my soul for all the promises I broke. But not this time...

Méně pateticky řečeno jsem slíbila lil' sis Akai, že se jakože zapojím do Hello Arthur. Jakože ne přímo do chudáka Artieho. Primárně protože je tuhej, že.
Jejda! Sorry, Akai, nechtěla jsem být hrubá, ale víš co, někdo tě zocelovat musí.

Takže tak. Toto budiž jakýsi úryvek/úvod do života mojí hunterské maličkosti. Anglicky. Protože jsem se zapojila do slovutného megaplánu "make my friends lose their shit" and stuff. And things...

Úvodku dodám. Teď jdu ven.
S tím polákem.
Překvapení roku.

Název: O'Gallagher's daugter

Žánr: víceméně výkec/nadpřirozeno/fanfiction (SPN)
Délka: cca tři stránky
Jazyk: Angličtina
Beta: nopity nope. Betaread is for pussies (and for stories worth one)

Have you ever thought about something as simple as a wish?
What is it made of? And is there a way how to recognize a good wish over a bad one? And who decides? And who puts those wishes and dreams inside our heads?


There was no legal way how to shorten the physical and mental pain she suffered that day. School… It was probably the second most hated thing in her life. Right after family reunions. And witches. Cause every hunter hates witches.

The young yet wasted teacher, Miss Wolenby, stared directly into her shady green eyes, whispering something like: "We won't make any exceptions, any eases, O'Gallanger. The fact, you are new here, doesn't mean…"
"Yeah, Yeah… doesn't mean you'll treat me differently…," she nodded like it was the hundredth time she heard that reproach. The teacher closed her eyes a little bit and angrily walked away, saying: "at least remove your boots of the desk."
So she did, that was the tiniest problem of hers. Boots on the desk. Shush! She should have been out there, behind those single glassed windows, in the wilderness. Hunting. Killing. Training.
That was her purpose, that was the reason all her finger joints were red and bloody, one of her eyes hidden behind big purplish bump and her school uniform missed both knee-high stockings. She was proud of these marks and wanted more of them. The warrior signs.
This girl loved how it made her look almost like a baby serial killer, but with one slight exception - she was sitting at school, forced to write essays. About feelingz. Worse than anything. Maybe even the worst possible topic to write an essay 'bout.

"Make a wish" or "Make you dream come true"Shush! Why should I write shit like that? Why would anybody write anything like that. I mean like ever… If I had a dream, I would put my effort into making it true - and writing worthless essays definitely would not be the option.

While Miss Wolen-something was passionately explaining to the rest of those childish… children, what exactly she expects from their weekend homework, the green-eyed O'Gallagher girl just expressed her great boredom by tapping those swollen finger joints onto the wooden school desk. It hurt like Hell - but at least it was a good way how to get own attention away from the actual topic.

The bell ringing ended up her suffering right before she plucked up the courage to commit some suicidal activity just to get out of that shit. O'Gallagher grabbed her bag, rattling and clanking like it was full of iron, and escaped the class, running as fast as her dislocated ankle allowed her to. It didn't take either five minutes to get out of the civilization. And then it jumped up her mind again. In the end, although she didn't want to, although she fought even that slightest trace of that thought, she let her brain open for that essay topic. What am I dreaming 'bout? What do I wish for? Seethingly shook her head.
It was the old bridge crossing river into the woods behind her Hell-like high school, what brought her to this thinking. This is it. My dream. She gave a sigh, passing by the place where she along with her dad beheaded that vampire few days ago. That's what I do wish for. For this…
Yeah, these hunting memories are surely the reason I started all the thoughtful crap before, she justified herself, this place is like a memento of my desires.

She knew exactly at the very same moment her teacher announced the topic, what would be her honest and the only truthful answer - she wanted another beast to fall with her sword. She wanted another ghost burning from it's soul-insides to turn into ashes in front of her very own face.
This was her life, the only goal and purpose. And she didn't complain. Hell no! She dreamed about this since she was even able to hold a gun. And the only bad feeling this job ever gave her, were those creepy, suspicious, scared, disappointed, contemptuous faces of other people. Or of that part of her family, which gave up this dream to live "normal life". To let all demons and monsters alive only in their nightmares.
The O'Gallagher girl never had nightmares, but dreams. Dreams filled with blood and rage, killing and suffering. But, after all, once the sun had arisen, she always rose up as the Goddess of the dawn, the one who survived.
Like a God damned Harry Potter. Just with more scars and less good qualities.

"Yeah, mum?" with those words she threw school bag of her shoulder, took her longbow and tried to continue in previous vaporizing attempts.
But Mrs. O'Gallagher was faster - she knew her child well - if she would let her go now, her little warrior princess won't come back till late Sunday afternoon, probably with even much more ruined body than she had now. "Could you, please, stay home for a little while? We have something to tell you. Me and your father."
"But mom…" Chloe tried really hard. Like I said, if there was something like a summary of stuff she was ever scared of (or hated), the family reunions would totally won the list. Maybe only if her parents started practicing witchcraft, she would hate it a little bit more.
"Wanna practice…," she mentioned her intentions huffily.
"This is very important," mother replied and knocked onto the chair back to give her clear order - sit and listen. So she did, there was no other choice how to flee anyway, especially because her dad appeared at the door.

Just great! She nodded for herself, arms crossed on her chest. Family-fucking-reunions!
"Chloe, do you remember how I've told you about those plans I have had before I met your daddy?" her mother started.
Daddy? Seriously? Chloe was seventeen years old. She was no baby, but a warrior!
"About all the plans I had…?"
"Yeah…?" Chloe got completely lost. Her mum had used to be an ordinary nurse before that Wraith appeared at the hospital of saint Mundus of Llandovery, where she worked. On 25th January 1990 Chloe's dad, young and charming hunter Shaun O'Gallagher, saved that scared and confused nurse's ass. Saved her ass to lose his own dignity and goal, fall in love and have a baby. Chloe got stuck in her mind for a second. Me… so they had me.
Cause my mum always wanted to have a big family. And my dad fulfilled her dreams even though he knew who will grow up from his child. A hunter.

But that was before! That big family plans belonged all into her mothers life without monsters, life without Shaun and Chloe… And suddenly Chloe understood. Her mother's dreams never died that early Monday morning 25th January with that Wraith haunting hospital in her hometown.
No, no… they lived. And now they were back and once her mother confirmed that saying happily: "you will have a little sister!" Chloe lost her breath.
That was not her dream, her wish. It was her mother's. And Chloe felt so damn betrayed like if they had replaced her with the Unborn. Because her life goal was so well known to her parents, even if they tried to keep her away from too much hunting, put her in that fucking school and called themselves mommy and daddy as if those soft words could change the warrior inside their daughter, they knew what she truly loved deep down her soul.
She felt betrayed, because nobody asked, but put her in front of their own decision which meant their lives will change in a seconds - no traveling, no hunting, no training. They will stay at this tarnished place forever, till that little creature scrambles out her mother's belly. And what about Chloe? She had also a plan, a dream. Yeah, that was the problem. She had. And her mother's wishes killed that dream.
"No…," Chloe whispered into set in silence.
"No!" she repeated and grabbed her bow and all those clanking stuff and with eyes all red, but not crying, she ran out the door.

"Never! I'm a hunter! You won't take that from me!" yelled O'Gallagher's daughter, the warrior princess, as she disappeared in the nearby forrest, while all those shadows, waiting behind their house, slowly, but hungrily crawled for their revenge.

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1 Akai Akai | Web | 13. april 2015 at 20:09 | React

Lovely :D it's really interesting to see a bit more of her and I hope you write more :) and it's great :D some small mistakes but who's flawless, I'm sure I make plenty :D
And she sounds cool and I wanna learn more and get ready to write her :)

2 babirusa babirusa | Web | 13. april 2015 at 20:46 | React

[1]: yeah - me and my mistakes - that's a topic for itself :D if you would make me a beta read, I wouldn't mind :3 :D and thank you of course... I'm just afraid she sounds way "too" cool... and she's not... so we'll see if I'll continue. Just betaread and I will think bout it :D

3 Akai Akai | Web | 13. april 2015 at 23:03 | React

[2]: I sort of managed to answer you on Skype... Heh. I'm too lazy to write it here agai,  so... Well, yeah,  answer's on Skype :)

4 babirusa babirusa | Web | 14. april 2015 at 1:06 | React

[3]: well oh yeah fuck you :D kk going there sis

5 Petersson Petersson | 14. april 2015 at 11:59 | React

When you are talking about mistakes, check my english and you will think you are flawless :D I wasn't thinking that Chloe is just seventeen, such a puppy. And I wouldn't say she is too cool. She is not. She just think she is the coolest girl and huntress ever :D so at this point is good she sounds too cool :) and she seems complicated and straight at once. I like her :D

6 babirusa babirusa | Web | 14. april 2015 at 14:25 | React

[5]: Thank you kind sir :D hey the thing is, I'm a little bit afraid Chloe is possibly the one character, who shares the most character qualities with me... maybe even more than Sinéad (cause, although I say so, I'm not THAT evil)... I'm usually just cocky :D like Chloe.... :D

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