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Hey, guys!
Here I am again with a review of another series, this time a horror series Penny Dreadful.

Note: I know that this is in English and it's very unlikely that you will be willing to read it and stuff but if there is anyone who decides to read this article, I will be really glad if you left me a little comment down there. It doesn't have to be long, just something to let me know that someone has read it. Thanks.

1 season, 8 episodes, Showtime, 2014 - ?, Horror/Fantasy/Mysterious

Warning: Probably 18+ series (I haven't checked, but it's very much like Game of Thrones when you compare the show's attitude to sex and violence)

Season 2 to air in May with 10 episodes

Cast: Eva Green (Vanessa Ives), Timothy Dalton (Sir Malcolm Murray), Josh Hartnett (Ethan Chandler), Harry Treadaway (Dr. Victor Frankenstein), Reeve Carney (Dorian Gray), Rory Kinnear (Kaliban), Billie Piper (Brona Croft), Danny Sapani (Sembene), Helen McCrory (Madame Kali), Simon Russell Beale (Ferdinand Lyle), Olivia Llewellyn (Mina Harker), Hannah Tointon (Maud Gunneson)...

Plot summary: A group of strangers ally to safe Sir Malcolm's daughter, Mina, who has been taken by a creature from far beyond their known world. However, there is more at stake than Mina's life and there is much for them all to understand. Each of them hides a dark secret from their pasts; many can haunt them in the present.


Season 1 - Trailer 1:

Season 1 - Trailer 2:

Season 2 - watch at your own discretion, it might reveal something of season 1:


Penny Dreadful could be easily described as a horror series. It has the right amount of frightening moments capable of causing you a slight heart attack, it has the spooky sets of Victorian London and it has blood and intestines all over the place. But I also feel that it has something more, something that helps it come out as an extraordinary show. It explores every character properly, though always keeping you in the dark until the great finale. And there are still many questions left to answer for the up-coming season(s).

Although most of the characters originate from famous horror stories such as Dracula and Frankenstein, the story remains quite unpredictable and you can see some little or bigger nods to those works. It feels fresh and certainly doesn't suffer from the fact that it has borrowed both the characters and the environment.

What I also find amazing about this show is that it always keeps you guessing. It encourages you to develop your own theories and leads you slowly from the point where you know nothing at all and guessing is the best you can do to the answers that occasionally appear here and there alongside the plot. And while you can predict some of the events and guess some of the secrets, you never really know until you see it.

There is one thing I would really like to point out, and that is the score composed by the incredible Abel Korzeniowski. From the first tunes of the opening to the last notes of the finale, it sounds great. It fits the environment, it fits the tone of the series, it fits right in the scenes where it's used and some of the tracks belong to my personal favourites of all time (if you're interested, try Demimonde, Grand Guignol or Back Hand of God, those are some stunning pieces of music).

The first season was overall really good and the finale was just great, I can highly recommend you to watch it. What I'm not so sure about yet is the second season as its first episode was somewhat slow and a little bit disappointing - since I was really excited about the show coming back - but that could change very quickly and I'm certainly not giving up on it. In fact, I believe that despite the not so good opening it might easily reach the qualities of season one if well handled.

And if someone wondered why the show's name is 'Penny Dreadful', those were short horror (dreadful) stories sold in Victorian London for just one penny.

Rating (season 1): 89%


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1 babirusa babirusa | Web | 29. april 2015 at 20:27 | React

I know, I know, it's me again - but hey! I have to say it again - this review is probably the best of all others. Even if there would not be Eva Green staring at you all the time (like really, you just literally can't read this without her picture somewhere) :D I just can't find anything to add, or something I would not agree with - this show is just worth it and your review is awesomely made, mate :D btw Skype? (yeah, I'm back again) :)

2 Panda Panda | 29. april 2015 at 21:44 | React

zcela upřímně, nemám na to psát teď anglicky. Byla sem ráda, že sem inglištinu vůbec překodrcala. A fakt asi nejsem uplně schopná ocenit v tuto chvíli kvality textu, pardon. :D ale trailery sou zajímavý, obrázky taky a co sem z těxtu pochopila, takbych se koukla - třeba a budu vyšší bytost v nějaké nové dimenzi a budu mít čas. :D

3 Petersson Petersson | 29. april 2015 at 23:23 | React

Well this looks really interesting. Fucking creepy :D but still interesting.

4 helis helis | 29. may 2015 at 17:15 | React

Well ... I think you've mentioned everything important except Dorian ... and as you know I just can't let it go without saying anything XD
But you're just awesome and I can only stand and stare how great you are at it ;)

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